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Samuel Billaud, Chablis 2022

The 2022 vintage of Samuel Billaud's Chablis has been well-received, marking a delightful year for the wine.The fabulous growing conditions of 2022 brought relief and satisfaction to the winemakers... in Chablis, including Billaud. This vintage stands out for its finely etched and precise character, with pure citrus fruit and a notable textural quality that adds depth to its mouth-watering freshness. The wine beautifully exemplifies the classic Chablis profile with its crisp, refreshing nature, and the 2022 vintage appears to have provided an optimal balance of flavor and structure, indicative of the region's ability to produce exquisite wines even in varying climatic conditions?.
Pack Size: 12x75cl£294 (In Bond)£391.25 (Inc. UK Duty & VAT)
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In Bond£294£391.25Immediate
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