Our Approach & Success

Our Investment Philosophy

When selecting wines for an investment portfolio, we rigorously assimilate all the data we can access. For us, an Investment Grade Wine must meet the following criteria:

An Excellent Vintage

Selection of the very best vintages ensure that the wine is of a higher quality and so has better longevity. Similarly, the best vintages are always in demand, but even more so as time goes on and supply dwindles, pushing up their value.


We aim to fill the majority of our clients’ portfolios with 98-100 point-rated wines. There might be the occasional exception (some second wines provide tremendous investment potential at a lower rating), but on the whole, a Robert Parker 100 point rating (pre his 2015 retirement) ensures the wine is kept in demand for its lifetime.

Good Liquidity

It is essential that fine wines chosen for an investment portfolio have excellent liquidity. We will always choose wines that are traded frequently on Liv-Ex, facilitating a good sale when the time comes.

Our Track Record

In December 2015, we published our free Fine Wine Investment Guide, available to download for free here,  and in it we offered two example portfolios – one for an investment of £10,000 and a second for an investment of £50,000. The results in the first calendar year have been excellent, vindicating our data-led approach. The increase in value of each portfolio is summed up below:

Portfolio A


Saw an increase of




Equivalent to 2.2% a month

Portfolio B


Saw an increase of




Equivalent to 1.9% a month

Have a look at our Example Portfolios page to see the details and success of a typical Noble Rot Fine Wine Investment portfolio.